EHS Postgraduate Conference with Rouen University

EHS Postgraduate Conference with Rouen University

We’d be delighted to invite you to join our collaborative conference between EHS and Rouen University! Please find the tentative schedule below. If you wish to participate, please write to Claire Gheeraert or Geraldine Vaughan for details on how to join online: & 

The schedule may also be downloaded here:

Conference Schedule:

Thursday 27 May 2021 (1 pm – 5. 30 pm) 

IntroductionDrs. Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille & Géraldine Vaughan 

Session 1: Women and Religion (1.15 pm – 2.45 pm) 

Chair: Prof. Rosamond McKitterick, University of Cambridge  

  • Alice de Nanteuil, ENS Lyon/Oxford, “The Keening Tradition in Early Modern Ireland”  
  • Scholastica Jacob, Durham University, “Ex Libris Abbatiae: What the Books and Reading Habits of Benedictine Nuns Reveal about the Catholic Revival in England, 1795-1830” 

Clarisse Tesson, University of Paris-Est Créteil, “Proclaiming Women dDctors of the Church: A Breach in the Male Monopoly of the Catholic Priesthood ?” 
Break 2.45 pm- 3 pm 

Session 2: Organizing Religion (3 pm – 4 pm) 

Chair: ProfAndrew Spicer, Oxford Brookes University  

  • John Dixon, University of Cambridge, “Reformed Visions of Ethiopia: Early Anglican Reformers and their Perception of Ethiopia as the Bastion of an Ancient and Caesaropapist Church”  
  • Patrick McAlary, University of Cambridge, “Alter Patricius: Imitation and Competition in the Vita Albei” 

Break 4 pm- 4.30 pm 

Keynote by Professor Alan Ford, University of Nottingham, 

“Protestant or Catholic? The Sectarian History of Saint Patrick” 

(4.30 pm – 5.30 pm)

Friday 28 May 2021 (9 am – 2.30 pm) 

Session 1: Everyday Religion (9 am  11.45 am) 

Chair: ProfElizabeth Tingle, De Montfort University  

  • Colin Harris, Université Aix-Marseille, “Being a Minister during the Restoration: Evidence from Nonconformist Diaries”
  • Ivor Perry, Durham University, “World War One and the Religion of Ordinary People in the United Kingdom” 
  • Charlotte Gay, University of Rouen Normandie (ERIAC), “The Impact of the Adult School Movement on the Society of Friends in the Mid-Victorian Era”  

Break (10.30 am – 10.45 am) 

Chair: Dr Aude de Mézerac-Zanetti, Université de Lille 

  • Arielle Flodrops, University of Rouen Normandie (ERIAC),“The Secularisation Issue in the Church Times and The Catholic Herald” 
  • Andrew Poxon, Durham University, “The Singing of Metrical Psalms and the Spread of the Early English Reformation”  

Lunch break 11.45 am-1 pm 

Session 2: Propaganda and Authority (1 pm – 2.30 pm) 

Chair: Dr Gareth Atkins, Cambridge University 

  • Samuel Lane, University of Oxford, “The Church and Royal Propaganda in Fourteenth-Century England”
  • Sarah Johanesen, King’s College London, “Riot & Ridicule: Material Responses to Protestant Authority among the Catholic Laity (1571-1614)” 
  • Alannah Jeune, Canterbury University / University of Oxford, “Childhood Agency through Nineteenth-Century Mission Periodicals” 

Closing remarksDrs. Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille & Géraldine Vaughan