EHS recognised as Nominating Body for REF2021

We are pleased to announce that the EHS has been recognized as a nominating body for REF2021: specifically for the Theology and Religious Studies Sub-Panel and the History Sub-Panel. We warmly invite recommendations from members for potential names. 

Please contact by 7th November 2017 with the following information:
(a) name/s and institution/s (if applicable) of those you are proposing we should nominate;
(b) which sub-panel you would like them to be nominated for.

The Committee will review the list of names proposed by the membership and will make the final decision. No member of the Committee will make a decision about whether they themselves will be nominated.

You may put your own name forward (in which case, please ensure that you are aware of the provisional timetable and workload implications: point 11 below). If a certain person has already expressed their willingness to be nominated, please do let us know. Otherwise, we will undertake the task of ascertaining whether an individual is willing to be nominated.  (We will not necessarily nominate all the names suggested by the membership, so to avoid embarrassment, potential nominees will be contacted after the Committee has reviewed the list of suggested names.)

Full details about the process of nomination for REF2021 are available below.

The Committee has agreed it is important to consider issues of equality and diversity in this process. ‘The funding bodies are seeking nominations of candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds, institution types and geographical region. We particularly welcome nominations of candidates from groups previously under-represented on assessment panels, including women, people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds, and disabled people.’