Hensley Henson Project: Request for help!

Durham University has begun work on a project to digitise the journals of Hensley Henson, bishop of Durham, for the period 1900 to 1939. To help us create the best possible presentation of the journals, we are asking potential users to help us by taking a short survey.

As rector of the St Margaret’s Westminster (the ‘House of Commons church’), then dean of Durham, bishop of Hereford and finally bishop of Durham, Henson is of great interest to historians of British religion, whether in relation to great matters of church and state and ecumenism nationally, or the life of the churches in the places he served.

However, his interest is much wider than this, since his field of vision and public statement took in every conceivable matter of public life: the progress of the First World War, and British foreign policy in the years before the Second; industrial relations in the time of the General Strike and Jarrow March; the conduct of the British in their overseas colonies; public morality, including the law of marriage and the prohibition of alcohol. As a preacher, newspaper columnist and prolific author, as well as a vocal member of the House of Lords, few matters of public note escaped his attention. Very widely read, Henson was incapable of writing a dull sentence, and his journals have a claim to being among the greatest of his time. The journals are also packed with information about the people and places of the city and county of Durham.

Whether you are an historian, a scholar of theology, literature or historical sociology, a school teacher or student, a member of the Church of England or simply interested in the local and family history of County Durham in particular, Henson’s journals will contain much of interest. Help us make the best possible edition of this remarkable source and take five minutes to complete the survey. More information about the project is to be found here: https://www.dur.ac.uk/history/research/projects/henson/