Links to websites relevant to ecclesiastical history

This list does not pretend to be comprehensive but it does offer links to further useful sites, arranged by category; many of them will have their own page of web links, often more specifically orientated to a particular topic than a general list like this one could be. As is often stated, inclusion of a link on this page does not constitute approval of its contents. However, I think that the following will prove useful for those wishing to explore what is available in particular fields.

I have not included subscription sites, but if you are linked with an academic institution you will be able to find out about these from your librarian. A few sites are marked as not being currently maintained; they remain accessible online, however, and are included because they constitute useful sources of material.

If you run a website for any society, seminar series or other agency in the field of church history, please contact us to have a link added to this page, we welcome links to sites in other languages. The EHS would also be pleased to have a link to this site added to the webpages of other institutions, libraries, networks or societies.

Last updated: 2 February 2016

Societies and other professional bodies

Arts and Humanities Research Council:

History Lab, a forum for postgraduates, run from the IHR:​

History Subject Centre:

Subject Centre for History, Classics and Archaeology:

Association of Denominational Historical Societies & Cognate Libraries:

American Society of Church History:

Chapels Society:

Religious History Society (Australia):

Scottish Church History Society:

Society for Reformation Research:

Society for Reformation Studies:

Society for Renaissance Studies:

Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East:

International John Bunyan Society:

Anglo-Catholic History Society:

Baptist Historical Society:

Brethren Archivists’ and Historians’ Network:

Canterbury and York Society:

Catholic Historical Society of Ireland:

Catholic Record Society:

Church of England Record Society:

Church of Ireland Historical Society:

Society for Pentecostal Studies:

Strict Baptist Historical Society:

Unitarian Historical Society:

United Reformed Church Historical Society:

Wesley Historical Society:

British Association for Local History:

Historical Association:

Institute of Historical Research:

Royal Historical Society:

Networks and Research Projects

The Bible and Antiquity in Nineteenth-Century Culture:–antiquity.htm

Building on History: The Church in London:

Canon Law and Society in the Middle Ages: A two-year project funded by the AHRC and promoting the study of medieval law within its various contexts.

Christians in the Middle East:

Commission Internationale d’Histoire et d’Études du Christianisme:

European Forum on the History of Religious Institutes in the 19th and 20th centuries (Relins-Europe):

European Network on the Instruments of Devotion (ENID):

Historians of Women Religious in Britain and Ireland (H-WRBI):

Institut für schweizerische Reformationsgeschichte, Universität Zürich:

Manchester Wesley Research Centre:

Modern British History Network,

Religious ArchivesGroup, an informal group of archivists, librarians and others interested in the administration and care of religious archives in the UK:

Remembering the Reformation, a three year AHRC project jointly based at the Universities of Cambridge and York

Reti Medievali (Online Network for Medieval Studies):

The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English:

Warwick Network for Parish Research:


We are happy to add links to websites relating to particular events or anniversaries, in the ‘Conferences’ section of the website.

Gateway and primary text sites

Association des Publications de la Faculté de Théologie Protestante de Strasbourg: Includes the Revue dHistoire et de Philosophie Religieuses, and an excellent selection of links to institutions, publishers, library catalogues, online texts and more.

Bibliographical Information Base in Patristics: Searchable site; indices in French.

British History Online:

Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet (not currently maintained):

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Primary texts from most periods, including the Schaff etc. editions of the Fathers.

Centre for Early Christian Studies: Links to further patristic and medieval sites; International Early Mariology Project; Chrysostom bibliography; Patristics newsletter; and more. Endorsed by the Senate of the Australian Catholic University.

Creeds of Christendom: Run by the Presbyterian Church in the USA, but covers the main Western Christian traditions.

Digital Librarian: All-embracing gateway site, worth a look.

Documenta Catholica Omnia: Huge e-book database of multilanguage full texts and concordances of Catholic and classical authors. There cannot be many official Roman Catholic documents not on this site; main page mostly in Latin, but subsidiary explanations often in English. Includes simplified editions of Migne’s Latin and Greek series.

Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia (ECOLE; not currently maintained): Primary texts from the Patristic and Medieval periods.

Explore England’s Past: free access to thousands of local history resources including images, transcribed wills and documents and town trails:

Gallica (Bibliotheque Nationale Francaise): Some French-language texts and works published in France, including a number of volumes of the PatrologiaOrientalis, and a few of the Patrologia Latina too.

Internet Medieval History Sourcebook (not currently maintained):

Internet Modern History Sourcebook (not currently maintained):

Mundus: Missionary Collections in the United Kingdom.

St Pachomius Library: Gateway to Patristic and Orthodox texts.

Papal Encyclicals Online: Selection of documents in French

Perseus Digital Library: The classical section includes hundreds of texts by Greek and Latin classical authors, but also the Vulgate and an edition of Bede’s Ecclesiastical History; the Duke Papyri database includes hundreds of volumes.

Project Wittenberg: Lutheran texts.

Puritan Books (low-cast downloadable PDFs of C17 texts produced by scanning originals):

Remembering the Reformation Digital Exhibition

The Tertullian Project: Includes Latin texts plus translations in a number of languages

Vatican archives:

Victoria County History, online volumes:

Wabash Center: Guide to Internet Resources for Learning and Teaching in Theology and Religious Studies: Among other things, this page is good for links to particular theologians.

World Council of Churches: This has many of the more significant WCC documents; some hunting around may be needed!


NB: This listing does not include university, college or seminary libraries, but focuses on independent libraries with significant collections of material relating to ecclesiastical history. Suggestions for overseas listings are welcomed.

Association of British Theological And Philosophical Libraries:

Catholic National Library (formerly Catholic Central Library):

Deutsches Archaeologisches Institut,

Dr Williams’s Library, London:

Dumbarton Oaks: Wide-ranging site dealing with Byzantine studies.

Evangelical Library, London:

Gladstone’s Library (formerly St Deiniol’s Library), Hawarden:

Lambeth Palace Library: