Postdoctoral vacancies at Durham: Herbert Hensley Henson Project

The School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA) and the Department of History at Durham invite applications for two full-time PDRAs, appointed for three years. They will be employed on an AHRC funded project on ‘Church, State and Nation’ in Britain during the first four decades of the twentieth century. The focus of this project is the unpublished journals of the leading twentieth-century churchman, public moralist and member of the House of Lords, Herbert Hensley Henson, Bishop of Durham, 1920‒1939.

The project team will produce a scholarly, digital edition of the 63 journals that cover the period 1900‒1939, when Henson was a leading commentator and penetrating reporter on religious issues and many aspects of political, social, moral and international affairs. They will also engage in research and publication on the relationship between religion and politics during this period, making extensive use of the journals.