Published in April 2015: SCH51, Christianity and Religious Plurality

The latest volume of Studies in Church HistoryChristianity and Religious Plurality, is now available. Comprising papers and communications presented at the annual conferences of the Ecclesiastical History Society in 2013-2014, the volume focuses on exploring on the practical experience of Christians, who have often existed in a world of manifold belief systems and religious practices. Three main areas of engagement emerge: contexts where Christianity was a minority faith, whether in the earliest years of the church, in the Mongol empire of the thirteenth century or under Ottoman rule in the fifteenth, or in contemporary Iraq, Egypt and Indonesia; responses to religious minorities in predominantly Christian societies, such as early modern Malta or nineteenth- and twentieth-century London; and finally, Christian encounters with other religions in situations where no one tradition was obviously dominant. Offering an unusual perspective on Christian encounters with other faiths, this volume will interested students of religious studies and those interested in the cultural contexts in which Christianity has existed – and indeed continues to exist.

To whet your appetite, here’s a list of contents.

GUY STROUMSA, From Qumran to Qur’ān: the Religious Worlds of Ancient Christianity

A. D. R. HAYES, Justin’s Christian Philosophy: New Possibilities for Relations between Jews, Graeco-Romans and Christians

JAMES T. PALMER, The Otherness of Non-Christians in the early Middle Ages

ARIANA PATEY, Asserting Difference in Plurality: The Case of the Martyrs of Córdoba

CHRISTINE WALSH, Baptized but not Converted: The Vikings in Tenth-Century Francia

BERNARD HAMILTON, Western Christian Contacts with Buddhism, c.1050–1350

JONATHAN PHILLIPS, The Third Crusade in Context: Contradiction, Curiosity and Survival

AMANDA POWER, Encounters in the Ruins: Latin Captives, Franciscan Friars and the Dangers of Religious Plurality in the early Mongol Empire

KONSTANTINOS PAPASTATHIS, Christian-Muslim Encounters: George of Trebizond and the ‘Inversion’ of Eastern Discourse regarding Islam in the Fifteenth Century

ANGELIKI ZIAKA, Rearticulating a Christian-Muslim Understanding: Gennadius Scholarios and George Amiroutzes on Islam

CHARLOTTE METHUEN, ‘And our Mohammed goes with the Archangel Gabriel to Choir’: Sixteenth-Century German Accounts of Life under the Turks

NABIL MATAR, England and Religious Plurality: Henry Stubbe, John Locke and Islam

FRANS CIAPPARA, Christians and Muslims on Malta in the Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries

GARETH ATKINS, William Jowett’s Christian Researches: British Protestants and Religious Plurality in the Mediterranean, Syria and the Holy Land, 1815–30

JOHN WOLFFE, Plurality in the Capital: The Christian Response to London’s Religious Minorities since 1800 (Presidential Address)

W. M. JACOB, Anglican Clergy Responses to Jewish Migration in late Nineteenth-Century London

STUART MEWS, Rama or ahimsa? Terror or Passive Resistance? Revolutionary Methods of Hindu Students from London University and the Christian Response, 1909–17

ANGELA BERLIS, Sympathy for Mussulmans, Love for Jews: Emily Loyson-Meriman (1833–1909), Hyacinthe Loyson (1827–1912) and their Efforts towards Interreligious Encounter

MARION BOWMAN, Christianity, Plurality and Vernacular Religion in early Twentieth-Century Glastonbury: A Sign of Things to Come?

MARTIN WELLINGS, ‘An extremely dangerous book’? James Hope Moulton’s Religions and Religion (1913)

CLYDE BINFIELD, Jerusalem’s Empire State? The Context and Symbolism of a Twentieth-Century Building

TODD M. THOMPSON, Charles Malik and the Origins of a Christian Critique of Orientalism in Lebanon and Britain

KRISTIAN GIRLING, ‘To live within Islam’: The Chaldean Catholic Church in modern Iraq, 1958–2003

PETER WEBSTER, Race, Religion and National Identity in Sixties Britain: Michael Ramsey, Archbishop of Canterbury, and his Encounter with other Faiths

JOHN MAIDEN, ‘What could be more Christian than to allow the Sikhs to use it?’ Church Redundancy and Minority Religion in Bedford, 1977–8

BRIAN STANLEY, Christians, Muslims and the State in Twentieth-Century Egypt and Indonesia

MONA SIDDIQUI, Diatribe, Discourse and Dialogue: Reflections on Jesus in the History of Christian-Muslim Encounters