Pusey House free exhibition on Tractarian responses to the Reformation

Re-forming the Church of England: Tractarian responses to the Reformation is free, and is open 9.30-5.30, Monday-Friday. Please enquire for curator-led tours outside these times. For further information see http://www.puseyhouse.org.uk/news–events/library-exhibition-michaelmas-term.

Pusey House was founded in 1884 as a monument to the life and work of Dr Pusey, and to care for Pusey’s theological library. The House supports the work of the University of Oxford by providing a chaplaincy and a theology library of 75,000 volumes, but it is a stand-alone institution and a registered charity under the care of a Board of Governors who act as trustees. The Library continues to acquire new books and archives, and the collections have been recognised by The National Archives as being of international importance.

As part of the exhibition Pusey House has acquired a mourning jewel containing a lock of hair from Edward Bouverie Pusey. The jewel is a foiled garnet-set gold mourning locket designed to be worn on a chain, and the reverse is handsomely engraved ‘EB Pusey D.D. + Sept 16th 1882 In pace’. It is a rare memento of one of the founders of the Oxford Movement, and was probably made for a friend or relative. Dr Pusey refused to sit for a portrait or photograph during his life, meaning that a keepsake such as this would have been of particular emotional value to the original commissioner. The jewel is currently on display as a highlight of the Library’s new free exhibition Re-forming the Church of England: Tractarian responses to the Reformation. The artefact was purchased from Nottingham auction house Mellors & Kirk (https://www.mellorsandkirk.com/) but the identities of previous owners are not known.