EHS Project Endorsements

EHS Project Endorsements

Would you like EHS endorsement for your project?

The EHS is launching a new scheme providing ‘endorsement’ for approved projects in the field of Ecclesiastical History.

The purpose is to build public awareness of our subject, and to increase the visibility of the EHS. Being endorsed by the EHS may also help you to secure other forms of institutional buy-in.

Endorsement allows you to use the EHS name and logo on your website and/or publicity materials. The EHS is unable to offer financial support for your project (that’s why we are using the word ‘endorsement’ rather than ‘sponsorship’).

For your project to qualify,

  • You need to be a member of the EHS in good standing.
  • The project needs to be within the scope of the EHS’s academic remit (i.e. advancing interest in, and the study of, an aspect of the history of Christianity).
  • There needs to be evidence that another organisation external to you is also offering support. This could be a church/diocese/archive/think tank/charity/funding council, etc. This scheme is intended to advertise collaboration between research active EHS members and external bodies, and not simply to endorse the individual projects of sole researchers. This means that the university where you work or study would not normally qualify as another organisation. 

Please send any requests for EHS endorsement (making the case on a single page please) to the Secretary, Dr Jacqueline Rose . Requests will be considered at the next committee meeting.

Your request should include a brief description of the project, together with the name(s) of other organisation(s) from whom you have obtained or are seeking support.