EHS Conference Bursaries

EHS Conference Bursaries

The EHS offers a number of generous bursaries annualy to allow postgraduate students to attend its Summer Conferences. It also administers a bursary on behalf of the Anglo-Catholic History Society for the same purpose, which is restricted to subjects that fall under the ACHS’s interests: see

In recent years the Society has made available up to ten bursaries. These have usually been awarded as a mixture of ‘full’ bursaries (for exceptional candidates) and ‘half’ bursaries (for others and for those who already have some funding from other sources). The Society seeks to assist as many people as possible.

Bursaries cover all the costs of attending the conference: registration, food and single accommodation at the basic rate for up to three nights. They are not normally intended to cover travel, which can often be funded in other ways. See, for instance, the RHS’s Conference Travel Scheme: . Bursaries are not normally transferrable to the EHS’s Winter Meeting.

Successful candidates are expected to attend the whole of the conference. They may be asked to assist, such as by chairing sessions, helping at the bookstall or in other practical ways, as notified in advance to successful recipients. They may also be invited to contribute a post for the Society’s blog on an aspect of their research.

The awarding committee will make its decisions based on:

  1. Academic merit and originality of proposal
  2. Relevance to conference theme
  3. Financial need
  4. Academic achievements to date, and future prospects

Candidates must be registered postgraduate students or awaiting their viva at the time of application.

Note for referees
Referees are asked to focus on the candidate’s academic achievement to date, and the academic merit and originality of the communication being proposed for the conference. They are also asked to confirm the postgraduate status of candidates and, so far as possible, to comment on their funding arrangements and financial need.

2021 Bursaries: