The President’s Prize – for the best paper given by an early-career scholar

  • 2019 – Revd Dr Robert Evans (Cambridge) God’s judgement in Carolingian law and history writing
  • 2018 – Marina Wang (Chinese University of Hong Kong) Western Establishment or Chinese Sovereignty? The Tientsin Anglo-Chinese College during the Restore Educational Rights Movement, 1924-27′
  • 2017 – Conor O’Brien (Cambridge)
    Empire, Ethnic Election and Exegesis in the Opus Caroli

The Kennedy Prize – for the best paper given by a postgraduate student at last year’s conferences

  • 2019 – Dan D. Cruickshank (Glasgow) Debating the Legal Status of the Ornaments Rubric: Ritualism and Royal Commissions in late Nineteenth- and early Twentieth-Century England
  • 2018 – Jenny Bond (SOAS) ‘The One for the Many’: Zeng Boasun, Louise Hester Barnes and the Yifang School for Girls and Changshua, 1893-1918
  • 2017 – Emily Turner (Edinburgh)
    Claiming the Land. The Church Missionary Society and the Architecture of the Arctic
  • 2016 – Miriam Adan Jones (VU University of Amsterdam)
    Vernacular baptism and the church of the English
  • 2012 – Sara Slinn (University of Nottingham)
    Sons of the Prophets: Domestic Clerical Seminaries in Late Georgian England
  • 2011 – Chris Wilson (University of Exeter)
    The Medieval Church in Early Methodism and Anti-Methodism
  • 2010 – George Oppitz-Trotman (University of Cambridge)
    Staging Vice and Acting Evil: Theatre and Anti-Theatre in Early Modern England
  • 2009 – Sarah Scutts (University of Exeter)
    Truth never needed the protection of forgery’: Sainthood in Robert Hegge’s ‘History of St. Cuthbert’s Churches at Lindisfarne, Cuncacestre, and Dunholme’ (1625)
  • 2008 – Gesine Oppitz-Trotman (University of East Anglia)
    Birds, Beasts and Becket: Falconry and Hawking in the Lives and Miracles of St Thomas Becket
  • 2007 – Adrian Chastain Weimer (Harvard University)
    Heaven and Heavenly Piety in Colonial American Elegies
  • 2006 – Gemma Betros (University of Cambridge)
    Napoleon and the Revival of Female Religious Communities in Paris, 1800-14
  • 2005 – Martin Ryan (University of Manchester)
    ‘Ad sedem episcopalem reddantur’: Bishops, Monks and Monasteries in the Diocese of Worcester in the Eighth Century